Thursday, January 9, 2014

First Impression: Nobunagun

NOBUNAGUN: A surprise title for me this season

Shio Ogura, a high school student, visits Taiwan on a school trip. But then the trip has been disrupted by unknown monsters. An organization that employs E-Gene Holders, agents who wield weapons infused with the spirits of historical figures, arrives in the scene. As Shio Ogura joins the commotion to save her friend, she discovers that she is an E-Gene Holder as well, as the soul of Oda Nobunaga awakens inside her.

The general idea is something similar to that of the Fate franchise -- using historical figures and icons as characters. But Nobunagun is not trying to be a copycat. It is triggering a different impression. Fate is generally more mature, while Nobunagun feels more like a Shounen. It is actually quite childish and comical.

I’ve stated in my first impression of Noragami that I won’t be watching it because it’s too childish for my taste, and because the comedy ruins the atmosphere for me. But in the case of Nobunagun, the childish and comedic impressions are rightfully fitting. They actually capture my interest, instead of slapping it in the face.

The general story isn’t really expanded yet, so I couldn’t give a general impression of it. But whatever it will be, I think it will not be deep and complex. And I’m glad that Nobunagun isn’t trying to pretend that it’s going to be super philosophical, as other titles tend to do.

I also find Shio Ogura a very charismatic character. There is something about her that I like, though I couldn’t point it out. Her voice actress also does an amazing job. But like the story, I think the overall characterization will not be deep and complex. What I do expect is badassery from the historical figures, but not on the level of Fate/Zero.

As for the animation and design, it’s not that distinctive, but it has its own charm into it. I admit though that some character designs look a little cheap and too Shounen-like. The music too is something not that distinctive, but it's enough to pump up the action scenes -- at least it passes the minimum requirement for good scoring.

Overall, Nobunagun seems to be an interesting watch. I’m calling it a surprise title because I didn’t look forward to it prior to the winter season. The titles I looked forward to were BONES’s Space Dandy and Noragami, and Studio DEEN’s Pupa. I think I’ll add Nobunagun to the titles I’ll be watching this season.


  1. Nobunagun sounds interesting enough, although I would probably wait until the series finishes so that I know it would be worth watching. Even though there are some excellent Shounen shows or ones that have Shounen elements like FMA: Brotherhood, I do not generally watch or enjoy Shounen that much, especially the long ones. I did try Fairy Tail and I thought it was fun, but not necessarily my type of show. Great review as usual though!


    1. I agree. Shounen isn't very much enjoyable in terms of depth. I only watch them as guilty pleasures. However, like other things, there is always an exception. There are some Shounen titles that really pack a punch. Like you said, FMA Brotherhood. Nobunagun won't be deep though. I'll just check it out, out of fun.