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About the Blog

            The most important thing you need to know is the fact that I don’t update this blog on a regular basis. I only update it when I feel like it. This is not a blog for blog tours, author interviews, and giveaways. This is more of a personal blog, where I review the books I read and the anime titles I watch. You can call it an archive of book and anime reviews.
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Review Policies

            Since I’m not updating my blog regularly, this is clearly not the place to find information on the latest titles. I do write reviews on new books and first impressions on new anime at the start of the season, but those are not my top priority.

Book Reviews
I am an aspiring writer, so what really get my attention are the outlining, structuring, establishing, pacing -- the execution of the story in general. I also take notice of the characterization and character development, and of course, the prose and writing style.

Most books I review are classics, children books, and graphic novels.

Anime Reviews
            As with my book reviews, my top priority in my anime reviews is the execution of the story. Other priorities include characterization and character development. I give minimal attention to the art and music, unless they are extra ordinary.

            Please take note that I review anime titles as standalone projects. I don’t compare them to the source material -- the novel or manga they are based on -- unless that’s what the whole review is about.

Character Analyses
            I analyze anime and book characters I find interesting. Generally, these posts contain spoilers. Again, please take note that I review anime titles as standalone projects, so my character analyses of anime characters are based only on the anime. Please don’t comment ‘You should read the manga.’

First Impressions
            First impression posts are seasonal. I write them during the start of a new anime season. They are about new anime titles. I don’t review all titles though, only those that are gaining some buzz and those that look interesting.

Story Arc Reviews
            This is exclusive for long-running Shounen anime. It focuses on the causes and effects of the events of the story arc being reviewed to the preceding and/or succeeding story arcs. I also look at the same technicalities as my anime reviews.

            Lists are, you know, lists -- about my top whatever that involves anime and/or books. Lists are highly opinionated, biased, and mostly not based on technicalities but personal preference. These posts are also updated from time to time, meaning that the entries of a certain list can change. Followers will be informed of updates.

About the author

Proof that I'm human.
You can call me Arvin Saints, but that is not my real name. I use that name in all my legitimate social media accounts. It’s not that I don’t want to directly associate myself to the cyber world. The name is simply an inside joke among my compatriots.

I graduated in University of Santo Tomas (Philippines) with a degree on Communication Arts -- and that slightly explains why I want to be a writer. I hope I get to meet new people through this blog. Outside the virtual world, it’s hard to find people interested in stories, not to mention writing. Follow me and I’ll follow back. Comment in posts and I’ll comment back. I’m looking forward to your acquaintance!


  1. Nice little blog you've got here! Thanks for checking mine out!

    1. Thanks! I'm just starting out, so there's nothing much to see in here yet. And, you're welcome! It's nice to gain the acquaintance of other bloggers.

    2. Hey, I'll be adding you into my blog roll! :)

    3. Thanks! I'll establish my own roll and put you in it too, and I'll check the other blogs in your roll to meet more bloggers!