Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Character Analysis: Sayaka Miki

SAYAKA MIKI: too noble for her own good

Sayaka Miki is one of the magical girls of Madoka Magica. She is loud. She likes to joke around. And she is generally energetic. But these are just her surface level qualities of course. Further in the series, we get to learn that she is also very down to earth and very thoughtful of her friends – too thoughtful, perhaps.

This thoughtfulness of hers, this want of hers to protect her loved ones, is what makes Sayaka Miki an admirable character. She has very noble ideals. She even considers herself as an ‘ally of justice’, because of her desire to protect the people. But no matter how admirable this may be, it doesn’t change the fact that it has become the reason for Sayaka Miki’s destruction.

It is not new to us that Sayaka’s wish is to make Kyousuke Kamijou be able to play the violin again, that is why she transformed into a magical girl. This so-called thoughtfulness of hers has turned into naivety. She blew her only chance of wishing something grand for herself. She chose to let other people be the beneficiary of such a once in a lifetime chance. It is almost stupid, really.

Sayaka’s decision is still something that I consider very noble, being able to sacrifice herself like that just for her romantic interest. But I think it’s too noble for her own good. She is too blinded by her own nobility. She is too blinded by her affection for Kamijou.

Sayaka and Kamijou

Some would argue that it’s actually a selfish decision, because maybe, just maybe, Sayaka just subconsciously wants Kamijou to owe her, so he would love her back. Of course she wants Kamijou to love her back. But she didn’t want that to happen just because of gratitude. There are proofs.

First, when Kyoko Sakura has suggested that Sayaka ought to disable Kamijou again just so she would have more opportunities to prove herself, Sayaka utterly refused; second, when Sayaka has given way for Hitomi Shizuki and Kamijou, instead of sabotaging the two’s looming relationship. These two instances show that Sayaka is not forcing herself to Kamijou.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact that she wants Kamijou to love her back. Sayaka starts falling into despair, because she feels that there is nothing more to protect after Kamijou has left her. I could understand how this reaction of hers has made other people assume that she has made a selfish decision. But as I said earlier, it is not selfish at all. Instead of forcing herself further to Kamijou, she chooses to continue on the path of madness and despair.

This seemingly selfish decision of hers, when looked upon deeply, is actually a very selfless act, and this leads us back to Sayaka’s thoughtfulness and naivety. It is just heartbreaking that someone who has such a soft heart is gaining hatred among the fans. It is even more heartbreaking to realize that she is misunderstood in Madoka Magica’s world, and even more in ours.

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    1. I'm glad that you agree! Sayaka doesn't deserve the hate she's getting from other viewers.

  2. Honestly Sayaka Miki is the most underrated anime charathers ever put in anime